This Crudele Communications Custom Console was recently installed in the communications room of the Cronomer Valley Fire Department
The left side features a 110 Watt Low Band Orion Radio and a 40 Watt UHF Orion Radio. Push to talk buttons above the radios allow both to operate through a single Boom Microphone. Foot Pedals are also available for push to talk.
The Right Side features a Second Control Head for the UHF Radio, A 110 Watt VHF Orion Radio, An 800 Mhz GE MDX EDACS radio for monitoring other agencies and a Zetron pager encoder. All of these radios have a separate push to talk button and operate through a single boom microphone.
This particular console was designed for one or two person operation. Unlike commercial consoles where each channel requires a single radio, this custom console allows for full use of the radio's features. Over 100 channels can be programmed into each radio. Scan can be activated and channels can be added to or deleted from the scan set. Cross muting is also available.
Custom built circuitry allow for flexibility and simplicity in design and operation. Circuitry allows for mic audio amplification, cross-muting, simulcast and other features that come with the commercial consoles at a fraction of the cost!
All of the furniture pictured, excluding chairs, were provided for this particular customer. Because these consoles are custom built, they can be as simple or as elaborate as your needs. Does your comm room have multiple radios just stacked on top of each other? Isn't it time you straightened out your communications room? Isn't it time you upgraded your old radios? Wouldn't you like your communications room to look similar to this?
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